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Tianjin Guoce Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd.
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Tianjin Guoce Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and the Third Division of the Third Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation have established professional and complete research and testing facilities, forming a full life span from top-level planning, scheme design, test verification, failure analysis to result evaluation. The periodic, closed-loop technology system provides a strong guarantee for the environmental adaptability and reliability of the model. The existing test site has a construction area of 27047 square meters. There are three test bases in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei. They have 77 test systems (sets) and 30 professional analysis and test software. They can carry out structural strength / fatigue and mechanics. 19 types of environmental and reliability test items including environment, modal, climatic environment, comprehensive environment / reliability, comprehensive thermal environment, electromagnetic compatibility, and electromagnetic scattering characteristics. Passed occupational health and safety and environmental management system certification. Over the years, the test center has undertaken environmental and reliability design and testing of dozens of key models, completed more than 1,000 system-level large and complex product tests, and has system-level environmental and reliability test technologies and research capabilities at the domestic advanced level. Independently developed large-scale comprehensive environmental reliability test systems, two-stage vibration test systems, three-axis vibration test systems, three parallel vibration test systems, etc. The test center can provide customers with environmental and reliability tests that meet the requirements of Chinese standards and industry standards. It can also design and implement special tests according to customer requirements. [ View Details ]

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Tianjin Guoce Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. Tel: 022-22145487 Contact: Manager Tian Address: Xixiaozhuang Village Industrial Zone, Lugugang Town, Wuqing District, Tianjin
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